PNB Credit Cards – How To Apply – Credit Limit – Eligibility Criteria

Punjab National Bank offers you a wide range of banking facilities including mobile banking, internet banking, debit cards and credit cards. The credits cards issued by PNB can be broadly classified into two categories of global and local cards. Local Credit Cards can be used at the merchants and ATM within the country only. On the other hand, Global Credit Cards are accepted worldwide over 1million Visa ATM and at more than 29 million merchants. Credit Cards give you the facility to pay for goods and services on the basis of the credit limit issued by the bank without any deduction from your account. The spent amount along with any other charges needs to be paid at the end of the billing cycle with a grace period of few days after the credit card statement is generated. You can travel around the world with PNB Global Credit Card in your pocket. Credit Cards also offer you rewards points on the basis of the amount spent on various merchants.

Eligibility Criteria for obtaining PNB Credit Card

There are two ways of obtaining a credit card from PNB. You need to have a minimum annual income of Rs 1, 00,000 or above to qualify for a PNB credit card. The credit limit issued against the card depends on the income of the card holder. You can also get a credit card against a fixed deposit in your account. The credit of the issued credit card is directly proportional to amount of the FD. 

Different Types of PNB Credit Cards     

PNB offers three variants of Global Credit Cards as Classic, Gold and Platinum Credit Cards that can be further differentiated as Global and Local Credit Cards. Each card serves the basic purpose of a credit card with some unique features and varying annual charges and fees that distinguish them from each other. The facilities and rewards depend on the associated fees and charges. You can choose the best card for you according to your requirements and expenditures.

Fees and Charges

Each category of PNB credit card is associated with joining fees, annual charges and interest rates on outstanding amount.

  1. Joining Fee: If the credit card is issued against a FD, there is no joining fee for any type of credit card. However, a joining fee of Rs. 300 and Rs. 500 is applicable on Gold and Platinum card respectively. Classic Cards come with no joining fee. The joining fee is refunded back into the account if the expenditure against the card (except for fuel and cash withdrawals) within the first six months exceeds the credit limit. For every add-on Platinum card, the customer needs to pay Rs.500 as the fees.
  2. Annual Fee: Annual Fee is a fixed amount that a credit card holder needs to pay at the end of every year. However, these charges are waived off if the expenditure exceeds against the card in the previous exceeds the credit limit with a minimum one retail transaction in each quarter without any irregularities. The annual fee is fixed to Rs.300 and Rs.500 for Gold and Platinum credit cards respectively. There is no annual fee for Classic Credit Card. In case of credit cards issued against FD, there is no annual fee.

In addition to above compulsory fees, there are some other optional fee and charges such as charges for exceeding credit card limit, late payment fee, card replacement fee etc that may be applicable in special cases.

Rewards Points
It is one of the special feature of credit cards that lets you earn rewards points for every expenditure made against your card. The reward points earned against your purchases can be redeemed in various forms. PNB Platinum Credit Card gives you 2 points for every retail purchase amounting to Rs.150. The other Credit Cards in Gold and Classic Category offers 1 reward point for every retail purchase amounting to Rs.100.